• Measures Strain of Axial, Shear & Torsion Force.
  • FEA Model Validation.
  • Fatigue Life OR Durability test.
  • Fracture detection and Over Load point OR High Stress detections.
  • Metal Manufacturers - for Proof test.
  • Plastic Manufacturers – Elongation test.
  • Fabricators & Heavy Constructions.
  • Load lifter like Cranes to set Safety Factor.
  • Pressurized Tank - Boilers, Gas Chamber & Cylinder to measure bursting Strength.
  • Automobile Industries - Measure Strength of Engine while Combustions.
  • Robotic Arms to detect Touch & Directions while the operations of start/stop/Move etc.
  • Balancing or CG point detection of odd shape Jobs, like blade of wind mill, Aircraft, Long Weapons filled with Explosive.
  • Science of Botany (We are measuring growth of Plants leaf & Flower).



We provide Technology & Services to Measure Strength of Materials through STRESS ANALYSIS by using Sensing foil of Bonded Resistance “STRAIN GAUGES” & required Sophisticated Digital Equipments to acquire Highly Precise Data.

We are using this Technology from last 25 years, this is the Ultimate Technology developed After Innovation of “Foil Strain Gauges” in 1950’s.

This Method is capable to Measure sensitivity up to 0.2 micro strain, generally 0.5 & 1.0 micro strain is used for Stress Analysis. Within the Proportional limit of Stress & Strain, 2000 micro Strains are enough to test Strength, fatigue life & behavior of Materials. For checking Yield Strength, > 2000 micro Strain will go.

Use this Method for all Structural Job of bending, axial, shear and torsion strain Measurement, for all kind of Metals & Non-Metal Materials Main field for this application – Industrial sector, Automotive, Aerospace, Civil.

Static & Dynamic, both types of Stress are measured by us with combination of Physics, Strain Gauge Technology & of course Knowledge + Experience of our Technical Team to get best Result as per needs of customers Project. We support our customers from Planning to selection of all required things, Installation of Each Item, to Success Project in time.